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Your Marketing Plan Might Be Killing Your Business.

In the days of yore there were advertising agencies and graphic design firms. They cost a lot of money, and for results that were hard to track, but there were budgets that had to be spent, and so they did. This model worked for decades, mainly for large businesses and corporations that could afford such extravagances. But for the smaller to medium sized companies, sophisticated marketing plans were fairly out of reach.

Enter the age of the internet where any marketer can launch a website and invest some cash into SEO, Social Media posts, and Inbound Marketing Campaigns. Gone are the days of the cold-call-high-pressure sales teams. Welcome to the era of consumer investigation; now a customer can research your company before they ever pick-up a phone or visit your business.

Which presents a new problem: Are you showing your best self? Are you losing potential customers before you have a chance to engage them? How do you know? How do you find out? 

That’s where Effekt Partners comes in, we evaluate your goals and hold them up against the reality of your current marketing execution. We make recommendations and create a plan that we execute in a cost-effective way, so no dollar is wasted.


Marketing Design

Print, outdoor, online advertising campaigns, infographics, print collateral & more. Learn more:

Web Design & Development

UX-friendly website design, content creation, development, implementation using the latest trends in technology. Learn more:

Video content creation

Traditional Video creation from concept, production to edited/optimized post production implementation. Learn more: